"What do we want?"

"To see people on bikes!"

"When do we want it?"

"As soon as they feel comfortable!"

We want to see more people on bikes.  

The revolution is coming.  Whether it's on one, two, or even three wheels, bike culture is changing how we power our world.  But people are dissuaded from biking for a variety of reasons -- fear of navigating traffic or falling, lack of appropriate paths in their community, or just apprehension of getting on a device they need more familiarity with. 

The benefits of a biking lifestyle are already known -- healthier, happier people, cleaner climate, and creative ways of building our community.

This is an aggregate site of all wheels people-powered, from commuting to clowning,  We cover anything that makes a cycling lifestyle more exciting and accessible. It was created to share stories from the cycling community to will inspire those who might not yet be ready to saddle up.  We want to highlight artists, businesses, groups and events that are bringing the cycling revolution to the farthest corners of our communities.

Follow along, it's going to be a great ride!


framing the revolution

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bike culture, characters, and curiosities


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